Familiarise yourself with businesses. Fast.

Businesses use Ricochet's extension to find insights and information on any new opportunities, qualify quicker, and hit their targets.

"Ricochet has become my starting point for my sales discovery process. Enough information at a glance to help assess the value of a prospect. Hubspot integration is a time saver."

Adam Bird, CEO and Co-founderCronofy

Ricochet is used and loved by…

Inbound sales teams

Use Ricochet to understand if inbound leads are a good fit, with Ricochet’s data from reliable sources.

Outbound sales teams

Use Ricochet for sales prospecting - outreach is made easier with Ricochet’s business snapshot.


Use Ricochet to find out if a business has recruitment needs, or use the LinkedIn teams link to start headhunting.

Marketing teams

Use Ricochet to quickly research inbound leads and make sure brand messaging is reaching the right audience.


Cut research and qualifying time by 60% with Ricochet

Add Ricochet’s extension to your browser and get employee size, investment information, Companies House data, markets and more when browsing a business website or Twitter page. We make researching and qualifying businesses, easy.


Super powers for HubSpot users

Instantly see which businesses are already saved to HubSpot from your browser, when it was last updated and easily access the matched record.

Save new businesses directly to HubSpot in one click.

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