The 10 best Chrome Extensions for B2B sales teams (according to Ricochet users)

Paul Smith

Sep 14, 2020 • 6.5 min read

Lightning speed, x-ray vision, the ability to read minds - Chrome extensions for your browser are superpowers for B2B sales teams.

While building Ricochet over the summer, we asked sales teams which Chrome extensions were already giving them an unfair advantage. We’ve weeded out the more generic tools and services from their answers (e.g. Zoom) and focussed on those that Ricochet users told us delivered value every day. That’s not to say we found them all useful or magical (we’ve tested them all) and a couple were downright hokey. No judgement here.

All killer and no filler, then - here are the 10 best Chrome extensions for sales professionals.


For SaaS sales teams and digital agencies, technographic Chrome extensions are often useful for identifying whether a prospect is using a competitor’s products and services.

1. BuiltWith

Price: Free / from $99 a month
Take a look: Chrome Store

BuiltWith, probably the best known technographics tool, can profile any website the Chrome extension is opened on and (usually) reveal the tech used to power it.

The Chrome extension offers sales professionals 5 free lookups per day, and right now there’s a special offer for unlimited detailed lookups, for $99 per year (usually $250 per month).

2. Wappalyzer

Price: Free / POA
Take a look: Chrome Store

More popular than BuiltWith with Ricochet users, is Wappalyzer. The information provided by the Chrome extension is less detailed, but their other services such as building lists of leads based on technology stacks are potentially more useful to some sales teams.


The best Chrome extensions for sales teams help make the manual, repetitive and thoroughly tedious jobs faster and easier.

3. Toby for Chrome

Price: Free
Take a look: Chrome Store

Searching through dozens of browser tabs is a time vampire, so a Chrome extension that helps manage them is vital to sales productivity. There are dozens in the Chrome Store, but the favourite amongst Ricochet users, is Toby.

It allows you to create collections of tabs simply by dragging and dropping them into groups. Instead of searching through lists of bookmarks, you can quickly access any collection from your home screen; that might be an issue if you’re using your new tab real estate for another product (like the incredible Scratchpad for Salesforce users), in which case you can try the Toby mini extension.

4. Ricochet

Price: Free
Take a look: Chrome Store

Ricochet is a free Chrome extension that helps salespeople complete their sales research in a third of the time. And of course it’s in our list of the best Chrome extensions for sales.

Aside from providing an overview of any business the Chrome extension is opened on, two features are making a big difference to our users in B2B sales teams: Competitors & Peers (which displays similar businesses) and our HubSpot integration (which instantly shows whether a businesses already in your CRM, and lets you add it in a click if it isn’t).

How useful is Ricochet? This graph shows how one of our users, a Business Development rep, uses Ricochet - several times a day, every day of the week - to research potential new customers. Pretty useful.

Familiarise yourself with businesses. Fast.

Install Ricochet for free

5. Calendly

Price: Free / from $10 a month
Take a look: Chrome Store

Ricochet’s users love Calendly, and so do we; the Ricochet team uses it for scheduling our feedback calls with customers.

Calendly means superpowers for scheduling all your calls and appointments, with calendar integrations to avoid schedule clashes, complete control over your availability, integrations with most CRMs, notifications and more besides.

We’ve seen all sizes of businesses using Calendly, and the free tier provides more than enough value for first-timers. Their founder is pretty bad-ass, too.

6. PhantomBuster

Price: 14-day free trial / free / from $30 per month
Take a look: Chrome Store

Salespeople looking to generate bulk lists of prospects typically try PhantomBuster. It turns hours of manual labour into automated tasks that run in minutes. Choose from an increasingly long list of ‘Phantoms’ that allow you to quickly scrape user and business profiles from the likes of LinkedIn, Instagram, even Google Places.

The extension doesn’t do much, but it makes life hella easier - PhantomBuster uses your user credentials for scraping websites, which means it needs your session cookie. Instead involving you in technical shenanigans to find this, it happens in a click with the Chrome extension.

Scraping data in bulk isn’t necessarily big or clever, and this approach to sales prospecting can be a slippery slope to spamming prospects, but different strokes for different folks.

7. Grammarly

Price: Free / from £9 per month (paid annually) / from £24 per month
Take a look: Chrome Store

Grammarly isn’t a sales-specific tool, but it’s one that came up time and again during our research, so it makes the list.

When they’re not busy buying up every last pre-roll ad on YouTube, Grammarly is helping salespeople ensure their outreach is always professional, free of spelling and grammatical errors and utilising fancy words like bombinating (that means humming, grammar fans).

The paid plans increase the breadth and depth of tools available, but the free tier is a solid addition to ensure your outbound engagement always reads well.

People data

One of the reasons Ricochet doesn’t provide information on individuals, aside from the murky GDPR implications, is because plenty of Chrome extensions already do it. Or at least, claim to.

8. Hunter

Price: Free / from €49 per month
Take a look: Chrome Store

Hunter’s Chrome extension has a couple of really useful features for sales teams. Open on any website, and Hunter will display the email addresses and people information it can find for that particular domain (although you’ll be limited to the first 10 addresses and 50 searches per month on the free plan).

Hunter can also provide the domain’s email pattern, which means even if you can’t see the email address of a particular person, you can take an educated guess. This is arguably more useful; last year, we benchmarked the accuracy of the addresses provided by Hunter, and found that over 25% bounced.

One huge gold star for Hunter; they provide sources for all of their people data, unlike our final entry which, as you’ll read, is literally making it up.

9. Lusha

Price: Free / from $39 per month
Take a look: Chrome Store

Lusha claims to be x-ray vision for LinkedIn - open the Chrome extension on any LinkedIn or Salesforce profile, and Lusha will reveal a wealth of personal data and contact information about the subject.

While Ricochet users love it, our demo wasn’t so convincing. Lusha opened on my LinkedIn profile but matched me to the wrong business; their info was for a US company called Ricochet. This is understandable from a technical point of view (asking a computer to correctly identify a business name is much harder than you’d think) but will feel half-baked to a user, when all the relevant information is already in front of their eyes.


Price: Free / from $39 per month
Take a look: Chrome Store

Last but not least, an email finder that sounds like it needs to have a good cough.

Snovio finds a lot of people information - but most of it appears courtesy of LinkedIn. In fact, Snovio appears to be scraping all of LinkedIn on a full-time basis, and as a result can get things badly wrong.

For example, opening Snovio on Ricochet created a list of all current employees - that only exists in LinkedIn. In its dashboard, Snovio initially provided personal email addresses for businesses listed on my LinkedIn profile years ago, but which I’ve subsequently deleted - and at several of those businesses (where I was a mentor or advisor), I never had an email address.

Again, Snovio is very popular with Ricochet users which is why it makes this list, but we’re not fans of services that charge for guesswork. As with Hunter, you can create lists of leads and automate marketing campaigns, and like Hunter, you’ll get 50 free credits before you need to pay.

If you think we’ve missed any off our list, feel free to email us at or Tweet @RicochetAI.

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