8 ways to find new leads with Ricochet Search

Leanne Clegg

Feb 3rd, 2020 • 3.5 min read

One thing that no one ever teaches you about sales (but something everyone experiences) is that finding new leads is hard. Time consuming. Stressful. Yet everyone just assumes you know how and where to source them.

With only 35.2% of a salesperson’s week being related to sales activity, (including time to do lead discovery), it’s crazy to think how little time they’re actually left with to pick up the phone and sell.

Up until now, sales teams have crawled through Google and LinkedIn, as well as read trade publications to find leads. This takes hours out of the week to find businesses and contacts and then more hours to arduously add them to a spreadsheet or a CRM. Sales teams often tell us that they feel like they’ve exhausted LinkedIn and don’t know where to go next, meaning lead searching grinds to a halt.

At Ricochet, we’re helping you to automate the lead development workflow and allow you to find new UK-based business leads, easier and faster. Ricochet Search allows you to search for additional leads to those that Ricochet presents and then see which of your search results match your customer profiles. Let’s explore some of the ways that you can make the most of Ricochet Search now.

1. Search by sector, industry or specialism

Ricochet uses natural language processing to make search as easy as possible. Businesses can be found by sector, industry or specialism. We're not restricted to broad categories or SIC codes so you’re able to search for very specific types of business and still find results.

2. Search by business name or URL

If you do have a specific business in mind and you want to find people that work there, just type in the business name or copy and paste their website URL into the search bar.

3. Filter by location

Ricochet Search is automatically set to look for businesses through the UK that meet your criteria. If you’re looking to target a specific area you can use the Location filter and then select how many miles radius outside that location you want to target.

4. Filter by number of employees

You may also want to find companies that have a specific number of employees. Use the sliding scale on the Search dashboard when typing in a keyword to really drill down to the company size that matters to you.

5. Easily navigate to recent searches

Use the ‘Recent searches’ feature so that you don’t have to type the same search terms over and over again. This means you can quickly look at your search results again or just remind yourself of what you’ve already searched for recently to not get repeated results.

6. Find leads by using related searches

Lots of businesses who do the same thing describe themselves in interchangeable ways. This can often make it a difficult job to find relevant results when searching Google or LinkedIn. Using natural language processing, Ricochet can suggest related terms based on alternative ways to say the phrase you’re looking for, meaning new search results are just one tap away.

7. Star favourites and hide mismatches

As you look through the results your search brings, you can either Star your favourites to remind you to come back to them later or Hide companies from appearing in the search again if they don’t quite fit your customer profile or are already your customers. You can always find both of these lists later on too by navigating to Lists in the left hand menu bar. It keeps your searches organised and allows you to work through results more efficiently.

8. Add results to a list

As well as creating favourites and hidden lists, you can also create your own, making it easier to keep your leads organised and export them to move them along your sales development workflow easily.

With Ricochet Search you can start making your sales lead discovery process as efficient as possible, leaving you to do the more important tasks of having actual conversations and qualifying prospects.

And, if you’ve also added customer profiles to your Ricochet dashboard, you’ll now be able to see which searches are a good fit for your business too!

We’re adding around 2,000 new businesses to the Ricochet database everyday, meaning you’re likely to find new business opportunities regularly by making the most of Search.

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