New Feature - Companies House access

Paul Smith

Sep 15, 2020 • 1 min read

We’ve been talking to sales teams using Ricochet over the past week, and a common request has been to improve access to Companies House information.

In the coming weeks we’re going to start surfacing data found deep in company filings, but today we’ve launched a super-simple feature for reaching more relevant business information in a click.

What does it do?

There’s now a hover state for the Companies House icon.

This means if we find a relevant Companies House record for a business website, you can hover your mouse over the icon and go to specific sections in their filings in a click:

Surface Companies House data faster with Ricochet

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Why is this useful?

Sales teams spend a lot of time flipping between tabs and screens to find information about potential new customers. Ricochet saves time and speeds up research by sourcing and aggregating business information, right there in your browser.

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