New Feature - Competitors & Peers

Paul Smith

Aug 16, 2020 • 1.5 min read

Since we launched Ricochet last month, we’ve been improving the quality and quantity of information that sales teams can use for sales prospecting and research.

Today, we’re really excited to introduce our latest feature - Competitors & Peers.

How does it work?

When you open Ricochet’s free Chrome extension on a business website, it’ll start ranking keywords to identify similar businesses - it might find direct competitors, or perhaps businesses targeting a different market with a similar service.

If Ricochet identifies any close matches, they’ll appear almost immediately.

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Why is this useful?

This means that if you find a business that looks like a potential customer, you can potentially find more in seconds.

Here’s a quick example: let’s say you’re prospecting for B2B businesses providing live-streaming software for webinars and events, or perhaps you’re doing a little research into this growing post-COVID19 market.

You’ve already heard of Workcast, so let’s start by visiting their website:

Now let’s open Ricochet’s free sales tool on Workcast’s website:

Ricochet quickly identifies three similar businesses to WorkCast, so let’s take a look at them.

Here’s WebinarGeek:


And On24:

In one click, we’ve turned one prospect into 4. Better yet, we can now open Ricochet on each of those sites, too. Here’s what we find when we open Ricochet on On24:

Want to go again? You can open Ricochet on each of these websites to find even more businesses.

In other words, Ricochet isn’t just a sales research tool; we’re also starting to automate sales prospecting - all with a single click.

There’s a small caveat - this is our first iteration of Competitors & Peers, so you won’t find results on every site you visit, and the results won’t always be perfect, but we’re already busy experimenting to improve both the quantity and quality of results.

Like what you see?

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