Introducing Ricochet - automated lead development for busy sales teams

Paul Smith

March 9th, 2020 • 3.5 min read

Today, we’re excited to introduce our latest iteration of Ricochet - the lead development platform that helps sales teams and SDRs source, research and qualify new business leads every day.

Since launching our previous prototype last summer, we’ve continued to talk to customers and sales teams. More than ever, we understand just how challenging outbound sales is, even for experienced teams. It’s relentless, it’s stressful, and it’s often manual, repetitive work the majority of the time.

So how can Ricochet help?

Think of it as your personal sales assistant, ready each and every morning to help take some of the stress out of your day, by assisting your lead generation to supercharge your sales efforts.

Automatic lead qualification

When you start using Ricochet, you’ll be asked to add an Ideal Customer Profile - tell us how your customers typically describe themselves, where they’re based and what size they usually are.

Why is this important? It allows Ricochet to automatically figure out which leads are more relevant for you, meaning you can prioritise those that really matter.

You can create up to 3 customer profiles, so you can use Ricochet to qualify new opportunities of different sizes, in different sectors, or different parts of the UK.

Start your day the easier way

From the moment you start using Ricochet, you’ll notice it doesn’t look like regular sales software. Grab your first coffee of the morning, then check in with Ricochet to see what’s new:

Call off the search party

Once you’ve reviewed your dashboard, you can get on with your day, or you can stick with Ricochet and search for more leads.

You can search for UK businesses by sector or specialism, and if you’re lacking imagination, don’t worry - Ricochet uses deep learning and Natural Language Processing to suggest related searches to try, so you can find relevant businesses that might use slightly different words and phrases to describe themselves. And you’ll often find results you won’t see elsewhere.

8 ways to use Ricochet Search to extend your pipeline

There are lists to help you get organised, and actions to help you do something with them - like exporting qualified leads to your CRM.

Coming soon

This is just the beginning. As more salespeople use Ricochet for lead development, we’ll learn even more ways to help take the anxiety out of targets and improve efficiency across teams.

Some of the ideas we’ll be working on in the coming weeks include:

We’re incredibly grateful for the support and feedback from our customers so far, and we can’t wait to meet more of you. You can get started with Ricochet today with a full 30-day free trial, and if you’ve any further questions, we’d love to hear from you - get in touch at

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