Organise your leads with Lists

Leanne Clegg

Jan 28, 2020 • 3.5 min read

We’re building Ricochet to help sales teams with high quotas meet their targets every day. Ricochet aims to help you source, identify and research new leads as efficiently and quickly as possible.

To help you store and organise leads in a meaningful way, Ricochet launched Lists - a tool to make it simple to create, name and rename lists that mirror your own sales workflow.

Here are some of the ways we see Lists being used today:

Qualifying stages

Organise your qualifying process by creating lists for each stage (e.g. Research, Contact, Follow up, Qualified). Keep on top of which companies you have already looked at, ensure only qualified leads are being passed through the sales development workflow and allow Sales Managers see how many leads are moving through the pipeline and likely to close.

Target audiences

If you target multiple sectors and industries, create lists for each one to keep your mind focused on the research you’re doing. See how many businesses fit within certain target criteria to make an informed decision on whether that segment is worth the time and effort to sell to.

Campaign management

As you find leads and start your research, you may find that different businesses are better suited to different campaign types. Segmenting leads into different lists depending on campaign or communication channels (e.g. Email, Phone, Social Media, Direct Mail) so you know exactly how to contact or follow up with them later on.


Separate different businesses in different locations. This is useful if different sales reps are responsible for targeting different areas. Or if you want to contact leads in different areas with different messages.

Moving along the sales development workflow

As you’re finding, researching and qualifying leads, use Lists to separate those companies who you’ve decided fit your ideal customer profile and are ready to pass on to the next stage of your sales development workflow.

Starred and Hidden lists

Ricochet two pre-created Lists for you to use straight away - Starred and Hidden. As you’re scrolling through results, Star or Hide companies quickly from the search results page. This is an easy and fast way of sifting through businesses and making a decision on which are right and not right for your business.

The use cases don’t stop there. You can create lists for whatever works for you and your business to keep your data organised and your lead development process as efficient as possible.

P.s... you can actually add business to multiple lists too.

Ok so I’ve created some lists, what do I do with them now?

After building a list of leads that look like a good fit for your business, you probably want to pass them from Ricochet to another tool or person to continue the sales development process. There are a number of things that you can do with created lists.

Export companies or people to CSV

Exporting businesses to your chosen CRM / sales tool or to a spreadsheet of leads to pass onto another member of the team couldn’t be easier. We’ll then email you when your list is ready to download so you can ensure this goes into the next stage of your sales workflow successfully.

Export companies or people to Hubspot

If you use Hubspot, we have a direct integration that allows you to export Lists directly to your Hubspot account easily. Just connect your account to Ricochet in Settings and then go into your list and send over to Hubspot to manage the rest of the workflow.

Follow on Twitter

Many users of Ricochet also find it useful to be able to follow and engage with potential leads on social media. Connect your Twitter account within your Ricochet Account settings to follow all Twitter business accounts or contacts within a list. This is a great way to easily follow and engage with potential leads through social media.

At Ricochet were dedicated to automate the sales development process and over the next few months we’ll be releasing new features that help to do just that. Why not sign up for a free trial and see how Ricochet can help make your sales development workflow more efficient today.

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