New Feature - Ricochet for Gmail

Paul Smith

Nov 11, 2020 • 1.5 min read

We’re on a mission to help sales and marketing teams spend less time researching customer leads. Last week we launched Ricochet for Google Search. This week, we’re introducing Ricochet for Gmail.

What does it do?

Whenever you open Ricochet on an email in your Gmail, Ricochet will immediately find a wealth of information about the business that sent it:

Why is this useful?

Sales and marketing teams live inside their browser while researching new customers - but it typically means a lot of flipping between tabs and screens to manually search for information.

Being able to open Ricochet on an email saves time and speeds up researching, because everything happens on the same tab, on the same page - in a click.

For HubSpot users, it’s even more useful - open Ricochet on an email, and you’ll see if the business is already in your HubSpot CRM. If not, you can save them in a click (and for those Pipedrive users amongst you, we’ve news for you soon, too!).

Because some businesses use third-party services to send their emails (like Mailchimp), Ricochet may not work with every email - but we’re working on it.

Try it for yourself

Ricochet is a free Chrome extension for sales teams that helps businesses find insights and information on new opportunities, qualify quicker, and hit their targets. - you can add it to your browser and get started right now.

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