New Feature - Ricochet & Twitter

Paul Smith

Sep 21, 2020 • 1.5 min read

We want Ricochet to be essential to salespeople, however you approach your customer research.

That’s why we’re excited to launch the first iteration of Ricochet Everywhere, allowing you to instantly research your potential customers, wherever you are on the web.

To begin with, we’ve integrated Ricochet results with Twitter profile pages.

What does it do?

Ricochet works whenever you open the extension on a business website. But if you typically use social media for discovery and research, that means having to navigate away for Ricochet to help you.

As of today, whenever you visit a business’s profile page on Twitter, Ricochet will show information for that business in the same page, alongside the profile.

Familiarise yourself with a business when on their Twitter profile today

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Why is this useful?

Sales teams live inside their browser while researching new customers - but it typically means a lot of flipping between tabs and screens to manually search for information.

Being able to open Ricochet on any Twitter profile page saves time and speeds up researching, because everything happens on the same tab, on the same page - in a click.

What’s next?

This is a basic iteration of Ricochet Everywhere (a beta version), so we’ll be working to tweak and improve it.

Ultimately, we want Ricochet to supercharge your research wherever you work - LinkedIn, news articles - even Google searches. So expect to use Ricochet across more of the web in the coming weeks.

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