We're hiring

We're Kev, Jo and Paul. We're the founders of Ricochet, and we're building exciting software to change businesses around the world for the better.

Alright, you may think the word "exciting" is doing a lot of heavy-lifting in that sentence, but in a crowded, complicated market, we think there's a huge opportunity to shake things up and build a category-defining experience, as long as we're relentlessly customer-focused and unashamedly ambitious.

As one of our first employees, you'll play a role in defining our team culture as well as our go-to-market strategy, making your mark in an early-stage company with big ideas.

In the first instance, read about working at Ricochet and our company values below, then apply using this form. If you've any questions, please get in touch at paul@ricochet.ai. All roles will be predominantly based at our offices in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Current positions

Working at Ricochet

As well as competitive salary, working at Ricochet means you’ll receive:

  • 25 days annual holiday (and bonus holiday between Christmas & New Year)
  • 5% employer pension contribution
  • Flexible working hours, remote working where required
  • £500 annual professional development grant
  • Support if relocating within the UK
  • Share options in our business
  • Plenty of attention from our office dogs, Starbuck and Widget (they're good dogs)

Our Company Values

People first

Whether it's our team or our customers, we'll be successful by respecting and valuing people and their passions.

Diversity matters

We recognise the strength derived from our differences, and that means we strive to encourage and celebrate diversity in our team and our views.

Think big, start small

We should always believe in the bigger vision, but that’s tough for a team to consider on a daily basis - so we need to break that vision down into manageable challenges and goals we can tackle with confidence; detail matters if we’re going to succeed.

Every day matters

Success comes from consistency - we focus on improvement every day, in terms of what we know about our world and our customers. Our business should always aim to be better, stronger, faster, smarter than the day before.

Strong beliefs, weakly held

We're willing to change and adapt as and when data and circumstances challenge our views.

Open by default

There is great strength in honesty, transparency and authenticity. When we enjoy success or suffer defeat, we should share what we learn. We should aim to be genuine and authentic at all times.