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Add Ricochet's extension to your browser and you'll turbo-charge your qualifying process.

"This tool is incredibly simple to use yet saves me hours on repetitive admin tasks."

Paul Newton, Outsourced FDAspect Publishing

Ideal for B2B inbound & outbound qualifying

Open Ricochet's extension on a business website and get the key information you need to qualify them in an instant.

The Data you need, in a click

Find the business information you need to research and qualify in a snapshot. Get links to social media accounts, team information, investment profiles and business updates in one place.

And even more powerful for HubSpot customers

In a matter of seconds and with no code, connect your HubSpot CRM to Ricochet.

Instantly see if a prospect is already in your CRM.

Send new prospect opportunities to HubSpot in one click.

Start filling your sales pipeline quickly.

Supercharge your prospecting efforts with Ricochet