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Ricochet automatically compares potential leads against your customer profile, to help you focus on the leads that matter.

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Ricochet instantly compares search results to your customer profile, so you can focus on the most relevant leads.

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We look high and low for business information, so you’ll often find results you won’t see elsewhere.

“Ricochet is leaps and bounds ahead of everything else we've used. It's much more streamlined and easy to use, it lets us target sectors much more efficiently.”

Gary Cullen, Head of Business DevelopmentInspired

8 ways to make the most of Ricochet Search

Ricochet uses deep learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to suggest related searches, meaning even more leads with less effort.

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Ricochet is the helping hand your sales team needs - but it doesn’t stop there. Find out what else Ricochet can do:

Customer Profiles

Effortlessly qualify opportunities that matter.

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Receive daily updates about new leads in your target market.

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Discover potential customers without looking for them.

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