Maximise marketing efforts with Ricochet

Marketers use Ricochet's Chrome extension to research inbound leads and ensure their messaging is reaching the right people.

"This tool is incredibly simple to use yet saves me hours on repetitive admin tasks."

Paul Newton, Outsourced FDAspect Publishing

Understand who’s buying your product

As leads come inbound, go to their website or Twitter profile and find all the information you need to understand who they are and if they’re the right fit.

Find more businesses matching your inbound leads

Ricochet’s Competitors and Peers feature shows similar businesses to add to target lists for marketing campaigns.

Get started with Ricochet in under a minute.

  1. Install Ricochet from the Chrome Store and create a free account

  2. Open on any business website or Twitter profile

  3. Connect to your HubSpot account in Settings

  4. Find insights and information in one place

Supercharge your marketing efforts with Ricochet

Install Ricochet's Chrome extension and get the data you need to qualify in one click.