Create relationships with the right businesses

Recruiters who use Ricochet's Chrome extension find the right businesses to reach out to, shorten research time and meet their KPIs.

Find growing businesses ready to do business

Discover accurate B2B business data and insights to understand which businesses are ready to start hiring and add them to your database.

Get information including:

  • Employee size

  • Investment and financial information

  • Companies House and Crunchbase data

  • Markets

  • And more

Get a head start on headhunting

With Ricochet's easy access to LinkedIn Teams, easily find and reach out to employees in businesses your client is targeting or use Competitors and Peers to find similar businesses to find more candidates.

Expand your reach

Find other companies operating in similar markets to the ones you're targeting with Ricochet’s Competitors and Peers feature - and add more opportunities to your target list.

Get started with Ricochet in under a minute.

  1. Install Ricochet from the Chrome Store and create a free account

  2. Open on any business website or Twitter profile

  3. Connect to your HubSpot account in Settings

  4. Find insights and information in one place

Supercharge your recruitment efforts with Ricochet

Install Ricochet's Chrome extension and get the data you need to qualify in one click.